Human and Competition

Recently came across a data which I found intriguing and interesting. If someone would ask you which one is more dangerous among Lions and Mosquitoes? Yes, the answer is obvious. But the set of data which I accessed presented me a whole different story. I also felt bad on seeing that how competitive we as human have become. We are so obsessed in our quest to claim the first position that we are now even competing with mosquitoes….

Have a look at it..

People killed in 2015 by:

Mosquitoes: 830,000

Humans: 580,000

Snakes: 60,000

Sandflies: 24.200

Dogs: 17,400

Kissing Bugs: 8,000

Scorpions: 3,500

Tsetse flies: 3,500

Tapeworms: 1,600

Crocodiles: 1,000

Lions: 100

Bees: 60

Tigers: 50

Jellyfish: 40

Wolves: 10

Sharks: 6

Source: Gatesnotes