Hello friends!

We do have a tendency to remember those things for longer span which have been subjected to controversy. Isn’t it?

That is why, whenever any new movie is getting released, you will start to hear so many controversies related to the actor(s) of the movie, related to the story (I am not referring only to Padmavati) or any such sort. This is even true whenever an election is slated to happen, issues such as reservation, triple talaq, intolerance in India; immigration issue, Gun Policy in US election etc. etc. will surface.  At many times these controversies are deliberately created by the stakeholders. The reason being very simple, these controversies remain in the mind of the common people for longer period and hence they also try to give their expression in any form. For film, they can give their expression by going to any PVR or in politics they will cast their vote to a specific party who is able to touch their sentiments.

But the fact is that there are issues much beyond the hullabaloo prevailed among the general mass and many of the important issue gets eclipsed in rumors.

Let me ask a very simple question, and I hope everybody among you (if you are an Indian Citizen and not a foreigner) would be able to answer it, right or wrong that is different question all together.

My question is: How many times in the History of independent India, Emergency has been imposed?

I know you know the answer, Don’t you? (DON’T GOOGLE IT, IF YOU DON’T KNOW :-P)

Okay keep the answer with you. You can verify after some time as I have given the answer of this question later section.

Emergency is a unique provision in the Indian Constitution. As we all know that India has adopted a federal polity. This simply means that there will be more than one government, one at center and the other in states or provinces. They enjoy their power in respective domain guaranteed by Constitution.

But during emergency, the federal polity of the country dramatically changes and it converts itself in to Unitary System. Center becomes way too powerful and can infringe the state’s authority, suspends the fundamental right of individual and can change the duration of the Parliament and state legislature. (I am mainly focusing on National Emergency, there are also other types of emergencies)

But this extraordinary situation may not occurs regularly hence these provisions has been seldom used. Constitution says that national emergency can be proclaimed on the ground when the “Sovereignty, integrity and security of India are under threat due to War, external aggression or armed rebellion”. Before 1978, the term armed rebellion was not used in constitution, rather the term was Internal Disturbance.

Now coming to the answer of the question: How many times in our country, emergency has been imposed?”

 The answer, contrary to many opinions, is THREE, and not ONE. Yes Sir/Mam our country has witnessed emergency three times since its independence.

First in 1962, when China attacked us in NEFA (present day Arunachal)

Second in 1971, when Pakistan attacked us during the Bangladesh Liberation war

Third in 1975, when Indira Gandhi Imposed Emergency based on her idea of Internal Disturbance.

Majority of us would have remembered emergency of 1975, which was imposed by Ms. Gandhi. Why? The answer is very simple, and that is the controversy which it has created. At numerous speeches of the political leaders and discussion among various people always talk about only this emergency, hence it has found its place in our memory  and we have forgotten or rather haven’t heard about other emergencies.

So I have given a RAM BAAN to you, if you are not able to remember anything for longer period of time, just create a controversy around it and it will be there with you forever. If you forgets some important dates (I am not saying the birthday of your special ones, it can be any date such as battle of Plassey :-P), just create a controversy and you will be surprised at your retention power.

Thanks for stopping by, hope all the crackers which you have bought for Diwali must have been detonated; if you don’t like bursting cracker and still you have please wait for next year for better returns by selling it on OLX, may be next time any judgement from the Honurable Judiciary will suspend the whole process in your city. 🙂



Static, really?

A feeling came inside me that I have become static and stagnant devoid of any adventure. Mother Earth came up with a unique explanation. “Son! You can’t be static as long as you are with me, didn’t you study basic science? You are rotating and revolving with me all the time with the tremendous speed, but irony is that you never feel it.” I smiled back on her response. 🙂



Speed of Revolution of earth around sun= 30 Km/ Sec

Speed of Rotation of Earth on its axis= 1670 Km/ Hr

Propagate the Good

I recently observed a phenomenon that people like to propagate the ideology which they are professing, practicing and have allegiance to it.

From Capitalism to Socialism, from Autocracy to Democracy, from Secularism to Communalism, from Barbarism/Terrorism to Humanism, from Atheist to Theist and from Lover to Hater, one desire is common in all these groups that they want to increase their number.

Purpose behind mounting the number, in my view, is that they feel safe, secure and superior with like-minded people. We have heard from one of our ancient scripture/ Upanishad that “Satyamev Jayate” means “Truth alone Triumph”, but now this believe is only used for the decorative purposes and have taken a back seat as “Truth” is being adjudicated by the majority’s view.

Anyway, purpose of my writing is that, I believe that whatever good we are doing we should continue but proliferate, disseminate and transmit it to the other people. If we don’t broadcast it, surely negative vibes and action will occupy the vacuum.

If  peace will not be propagated, agitation will fill the void.