Media, unbiased?

Media is considered as fourth pillar of representative democracy. It is also known as bulwark of it. But in recent days, while surfing social Media (Twitter to be precise) I found that a connotation is interchangeably used for it and that is #Presstitute. I searched in dictionary yet even Oxford did not come to my rescue.

Then I researched a bit and found out the whole matter. It is a pejorative term used by netizens to denounce Media. According to them Media has forgotten its responsibility to be impartial and now is sold out to some ideologies or to corporates.  That is the reason, it derives it’s name.

I did not like this connotation given to them. I have a strong view that free, bold and impartial Media is for the benefit of the General Mass.

 I recollected the role of Media Played during the Indian National Movement. During those days every popular leader used Media as a tool to denounce government. Kesari, Nav Jivan, Anand Bazar Patrika etc. to name a few. In those days Media was not meant for profit, but public service was their goal. Hence, I never saw portrayal of Journalist as rich, but only one generalized image of journalist wearing Kurta Payjama and having a hanging bag on their shoulder comes to my mind whenever I think about journalists of those days.This was valid even early post independent India.

Time has changed. Social service has taken a back seat for media enterprises. Profit is the sole driver. Gaining advertisement is their sole motive. Building narrative and perception is their favourite task. By spending 10 minutes on any news channel or reading couple of articles in any tabloid, you will get to know the political side which that particular Media House is taking.

I don’t have any problem even in that case, because they are entitled to free speech and expression by our constitution. But I feel the pqin when I see the below tweet by one particular media house, when it compares my religious belief and practices to unemployment. Look at the below tweet by a reputed Media House?

I will not write anything on this subject. But, will request you all to have your say on this. Are you okay with this narrative?
Is this secularism?