अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

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अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

हाथ पकड़ती थी वो,

कुछ दूर संग मेरे आती थी

देख न ले दुनिया,

जग से नज़रें चुराती थी

मेरे मन के हर कोने में

आशियाँ बनाती जो

तुम अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

अक़्सर लंबी थी जो राहें लगती,

संग तेरे सिमट जाती थी

जिसकी हर हँसी,

पीहू की याद दिलाती थी

हर सावन की पहली बारिश में,

संग मेरे भीग जाती जो

तुम अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…

दिन तो बीते जैसे-तैसे,

पर रात ठहर जाती थी

अनायास ही मन को मेरे,

याद तेरी आती थी

हर पल हर क्षण संग हो मेरे,

एहसास कराती जो

तुम अब भी मेरे सपनो में आती हो…




गम को मेरे जो तुमने हरदम, अपना गम बताया
वक़्त पड़ी तो ये सारी दलीलें, नहीं कभी मेरे काम आया


Uff.. Ye Breakups

One of my close friends came to me crying like as child. I asked “What happened?” and to make him feel easier and draw a smile from his face I conjoined another question “Did you have breakup?”

He was dead serious and replied “Yes, how did you come to know Abhay?”

 I said “What!!!”

 “When did it happen? I was just kidding”

He replied “A year ago!”

I exclaimed “What!!!”

“You didn’t tell me for whole one year. I never saw you unhappy either. One year is long time and even if it would have happened, you must have got over it by now! What happened today?” I fired several volleys on him.

His succinct reply was “I tried to keep it dormant since past 12 months but she keeps up popping every time I try to forget her. Now today the threshold has crossed, you are the first one whom I am sharing, please help me get out from this miserable condition. Please make me forget her”

I became perturbed seeing the terrible condition of my friend. He seemed inconsolable.

I thought for a moment and replied “Well, you have all my sympathies. I can do whatever is possible for me to do for you. But since I have never experienced such situation, I think I am not the right person to make you forget her”

He quipped “All the time you talked about yoga, spirituality and so many things…Was all of them fake? Doesn’t all this have a solution for my problem?”

I became silent.  I have helped quite a few times to some people. Sometime I helped them is passing semester exams, sometime some financial help etc. But this was unique help asked from me. I offered him to go for a dinner and assured him that we will discuss tomorrow about this topic and probably will reach to a solution.

We had dinner. He told me the whole happenings. I paid proper attention to him to each and every story that he was narrating.

 I realized, sometime attachments can be very excruciating.  In this world everything is nonpermanent, comes with an expiry date but when we recognize the other thing as our eternal belonging, then problems creep in.

We returned home. I drove him to his home.  I returned to my bed. Lying on bed,  my eyes were wide open. I thought, I have told him that I will talk tomorrow about how to be normal and forget her, but in reality I simply don’t know what to tell him, how to make him feel normal.

“Should I ask this from my spiritual mentor? No..No..what will he think about me!!! ” a thought reverberated in my mind.

Seeing no other alternative, I thought of turning to a universal Guru “Google Guru” and I am not joking and my intention of mentioning it is not to dilute the gravity of the situation, but my helpless condition where I was put in by my friend, seeing no alternative and the ubiquitous nature of the problem I thought “Google” might come handy. Actually, it was not Google, but one of its subsidiaries “YouTube”.

I switched on my Lap Top and typed the URL “www.youtube.com”.

A lot of suggestive videos came just after typing the URL. It was mainly those videos which I watched frequently. It was of cricket, politics, some funny videos etc etc.

A lightening has struck my mind. “YouTube has also memory” I murmured. Well, this was not unusual to have in YouTube or any other shopping sites. They use the technology called “BigData” to see our browsing pattern and then they floods with similar content, but since my friend was grappling with one memory issue (of course not of memory loss) this usual pattern seemed unique to me.

Machines are made to behave as humans. That is why artificial intelligence is a buzz word now. Isn’t it? If you are not convinced search two words “Sophia” and “Qiu Hao”

on Guru. You will get to know the extent where we are heading.

Anyway, coming to the point, I thought YouTube has a unique feature called “Delete History” and you can also customize it by deleting  memory of past hour, week, month etc. . If we delete history, problem is solved. No Suggestive Videos of your previously watched content. All new, Fresh and Pristine.

Alas! My friend doesn’t have that setting called “Selective Deleting of History”.

Memory can be a reason of serious pangs in life.

Disclaimer : I know, you all will treat it as an act of fiction, but from my end its my duty to convey the same that it’s fiction only 🙂 Happy wala Sunday Guys 🙂



फुहारें गिरती थी, तो पल-पल तुम्हें हम याद आते थे!
कहीं तेरा बसेरा आज-कल, किसी रेगिस्तान में तो नहीं!!


With 1000+ Friends..

“If you are not grateful, then you are a great fool”. Even if I would not have heard about this quote 😉 still I would have paid my sincerest of gratitude towards all of my friends on this platform not just because today Word Press had sent me the notification that I had garnered 1000+ followers here but because writing on this platform has become a part of me and you are the constant source of inspiration and motivation, if not the reason, for this.

For someone who keeps himself a bit close, initially sharing his views, ideas and feelings publically was a challenge. But today with the hindsight and with conviction I can say that this was one of the better choices I made. Writing here caused an increase in frequency of penning new poems and articles and when I did not get desired response it made me feel that the composition was not up to the mark. The responses and feedbacks helped me to improve my compositions. Reading your blogs made me go through the newer ideas and perspective which broadened my horizon of thought process. Your appreciation made me happy and proud. Arguments on issues sometime made me firm on my views and sometime it completely decimated my preconceived notions. On one hand reading your Love Stories made me feel how beautiful the world is and on other hand the Heart Breaks that some of you wrote, forced me think that we are just humans. Despite of all dualities, one thing I got to know is that everyone has their own stories and we should appreciate it. I also got to know the importance of Article 19 of the Indian Constitution (Freedom of Speech and Expression etc.) and why we should always fight for it.

Finally, to encapsulate all what I have learnt here in some words is tough ask, yet I think gratitude can be at least expressed by two words and i.e. “THANK YOU”.

I would like to like to conclude by quoting MAJROOH SULTANPURI

maiñ akelā hī chalā thā jānib-e-manzil magar

log saath aate ga.e aur kārvāñ bantā gayā