Separation Causes Depression…  


Today, I will share a very interesting and an informative piece with you all. It is related to the origin of the “Moon” or rather how the moon came in to existence..

Though we are very much familiar with moon since our childhood, yet I think few of us know about its history of existence.  Though, it is very difficult to be ascertain the exact reason, yet through the indirect evidences, inferences and theories by astronomers and scientists, we can reach to widely accepted notion behind its origin.

To tell you the truth, to share these theories were not the sole purpose, as you can expect from me :-),  I will try to draw a parallel in life based on these theories and I think here lies my originality and imagination in this piece. I am uncertain about the reaction of yours, after reading it, some of you may laugh, some of you may take it very serious.

Anyways, one thing is sure you will get some info about our planet’s and its satellite’s history with some philosophical underpinnings.

Two propositions have been given by the scientists in this regard:

First Theory: According to this theory another planet, whose size was around 1 to 2 times of the earth, collided with the “Blue Planet”. This phenomenon happened around nearly 4 billion years ago. Earth is believed to be formed around 4.6 billion year ago. The collision was huge and it’s termed as “Big Splat”. After this giant impact some portion of the earth was escaped out from its surface and in due course of time it started to revolve around the earth and finally resulted in what we see today as moon. This is the most widely accepted theories these days.

Second Theory: According to to another theory moon and earth was previously one and the same. During the time of formation, earth was not a purely spherical body rather its shape was of dumb bell type. But since it rotated around the sun, the irregular shape of the earth did not result in smooth rotation. This can be understood by following pictorial representation, representation may look very ordinary in style 😀 but will surely give you an insight.

earth and Moon combined
Earth and Moon as a same entity in Primordial Time revolved around Sun
Both Separated in due course, causing depression in Earth


The irregular shaped body finally had a split and the earth and moon came as separate entity. The portion from where the moon got escaped out; caused a depression in it. This depression is believed to be same as the Pacific Depression. Pacific Depression is deepest on earth and Mariana Trench (the deepest point on earth) lies in it.

Now you came to know two theories, now it’s my turn to play with these theories and bring some sense in practical life 😉

Parallels in Life: Like the depression created in earth due to separation of the moon from its surface, in our life also when someone unfortunately leaves us behind, those who were initially deeply connected to us, be it your Mom, Dad, Grand Pa or Granny, or any other cherished relations for that matter, we also feel depressed. Isn’t it?

Earth was fortunate that the deep depression was inundated by oceanic water, but all the humans are not so lucky most of the time. The void created inside him/her can only filled by the same person whom he is bereft of and not by any other substitute. Agree?


P.S. When I narrated this write up to couple of friends before publishing it, reactions were poles apart. One was deeply moved and said “Aise soch kaise lete ho bhai” and other said “Matlab, Kuch Bhi” 😛

Do let me know about your views…. Have a Pleasant Weekend…