Together Always..

No matter, water deep or shallow

Or even you turn up deep yellow

Have no fear

Am always there..


जिन्हें नाज़ है हिन्द पर, वो यहाँ हैं !

Neither it was Independence Day nor 26th January, But I will not mind this ripple in the tricolor even on odd days.

Magnificent Morning

So when social media got flooded with the Video in which Rahul Baba seen as saying “This morning I got up at night…”, I thought what have forced him to say this unusual (you may even call it illogical J) sentence. I did not reach to any conclusion, though I have some inkling that he might be referring to the time period what we call as “Brahma Muhrat”, or the time period of early dawn.

Today morning when I woke up (not at night 😉 ) and went for morning walk I tried to capture the nature through my phone.

Behold the beauty…And also let me know which one you liked most…