Oh! The Education System..

In my country, those students who score well in 10th  take science as their subject. They become technician, diploma holder or engineer and work for a firm as an employee.

Those who score lesser than them, opt for commerce/accounts as their subject. They become manager of the employee.

Those who score even lesser, opts for humanity or arts subject, their cherished dream remains to become and IAS/IPS officers. They rule over the other two streams and hold high esteem in the society.

Those who are not able to even pass the 10th become Leaders (Netas) of the society and gets elected to parliament or state legislator. They become the lawmaker of the Land. All the IAS/IPS serves them in their capacity.

And the final categories of students are those, who even didn’t appear for 10th

exam, they become the saints or Babas. They are highly influential. Even the Netas prostrate in front of them.


Still I am not complaining to my parents why they gave me education in reverse order 😛