आपके साथ हुआ है क्या?

आज विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस है..इसपर कुछ लिखने की लालसा ही नहीं हो रही है…2020 कुछ अलग ही रंग दिखा रहा है और केरल से भी दो दिन पहले वीभत्स तस्वीरें आयी हैं. लेकिन मैं आज आपको कहानी सुनाता हूँ, पर्यावरण को लेकर पूरी मानव जाती आज hyperactive रहेगी. तो मैंने सोचा कि थोड़ी diversity लायी जाये

मेरी चचेड़ी बहन है. नाम है अभव्या. हम घर में उसे राधा के नाम से बुलाते हैं. है बहुत मासूम,बस 6 साल की. आप सोच रहे होंगे कि इस उम्र में सब मासूम ही होते हैं . बात भी कुछ हद तक सही ही है. पर मैंने कल उससे जुडी एक किस्सा सुना, 3-4 महीने पहले का. मासूमियत का पुख्ता सबूत मिला. आप भी सुनकर ही तय कीजिये.

हुआ यूँ कि उसको घर में कम और अड़ोस पड़ोस में घूमने में बड़ा मजा आता है. और हरेक सजग माता पिता की तरह मेरे चाचा चाची को यह ज़्यादा पसंद नहीं आता. शाम हुई नहीं कि पापा को कहने लगती है चलिए न मिश्रा अंकल के यहाँ या खन्ना अंकल के यहाँ! कारण यह है कि वहाँ उसे अपनी उम्र के बच्चे मिल जाते हैं तो मन लगा रहता है

चाचा ने बताना शुरू किया कि सामान्यतया इसको सर्दी हो जाती है इसलिए मैंने इसको बताया था कि एक ही शर्त पे ले जाऊंगा कि जब भी कोई खाने को कुछ भी दे तो लेना नहीं है. अब बच्चों को कोई चॉकलेट ऑफर करे तो आप समझ सकते हैं कितना मुश्किल हो सकता है मना करना. पर चाचा ने बताया राधा पुरजोर तरीके से हरबार डटी रहती. जब भी उसे कोई कुछ भी ऑफर करता तो वह कुछ भी नहीं लेती थी. चाचा ने बताया कि उन्हें राधा के इस दृढ निश्चय पर बड़ा गर्व होता. पर लोग उनसे शिकायत करने लगे कि शायद आप ही उसको सीखा कर लाते हैं इसलिए वो कुछ भी नहीं लेती. चाचा ने सिरे से इस आरोप से इंकार किया. फिर एक दिन चाचा ने राधा से कहा कि जब कोई दो-तीन बार लगातार पूछे तो ले लेना चाहिए, नहीं तो सामने वाले को बुरा लगेगा. राधा ने इसको ज्यों का त्यों लिया.

अगले दिन चाचा खन्ना अंकल के यहाँ गए. खन्ना ऑन्टी ने इस बार भी राधा को आइस क्रीम के लिए पूछा. राधा ने पहली बार मना किया, दूसरी बार मना किया. जब ऑन्टी ने तीसरी बार पूछा तो राधा ने अपना चेहरा चाचा की तरफ करके पूछा..पापा तीन बार हो गया अब ले लूँ!!!

चाचा ने खन्ना अंकल और ऑन्टी की तरफ देखा और दोनों ने उनकी तरफ…


A story by Swamy..

Hello Friends! I was going through Twitter and found an interesting narration by Subramanian Swamy, a firebrand BJP leader. I found it very interesting and motivating hence sharing it, as it is.

“Once, Lord Indra got upset with Farmers, he announced there will be no rain for 12 years & you won’t be able to produce crops. Farmers begged for clemency from Lord Indra , who then said , Rain will be possible only if Lord Shiva plays his Damru. But he secretly requested Lord Shiva not to agree to these Farmers & when Farmers reached Lord Shiva he repeated the same thing that he will play Damru after 12 years. Disappointed Farmers decided to wait till 12 years.

But one Farmer regularly was digging, treating & putting manure in the soil & sowing the seeds even with no crop emerging. Other Farmers were making fun of that Farmer. After 3 years all Farmers asked that Farmer why are you wasting your time n energy when you know that rains will not come before 12 years.

He replied “I know that crop won’t come out but I’m doing it as a matter of “practice”. After 12 years I will forget the process of growing crops and working in the field so I must keep it doing so that I’m fit to produce the crop the moment there is rain after 12 years. Hearing his argument Goddess Parvati praised his version before Lord Shiva & said “You may also forget playing the Damru after 12 years!”

The innocent Lord Shiva in his anxiety just tried to play the Damru, to check if he could….and hearing the sound of Damru immediately there was rain and the farmer who was regularly working in the field got his crop emerged immediately while others were disappointed.

It is the practice which keeps on making you perfect. We become even diseased or old just because we don’t practice. Practice is the essence of quality survival.
So, let lockdown lift after 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. Whatever trade or profession we are in, keep sharpening our skills, practice with what we have, upgrade our knowledge. Don’t wait for rain , that is the lock down to be lifted and then start something… focus on our skills today, upskill your self so that you are ready to meet the challenges”.

Nature as Teacher

If you think,

“I am alone..

Circumstances are too hostile for me..

I don’t have any inspiration to emulate..

I am too tiny to make a difference..

I doubt myself and I will give up soon .. “

Just have a look at my click, which I captured today. It told me a heck of a story, Did you hear them?


Uff.. Ye Breakups

One of my close friends came to me crying like as child. I asked “What happened?” and to make him feel easier and draw a smile from his face I conjoined another question “Did you have breakup?”

He was dead serious and replied “Yes, how did you come to know Abhay?”

 I said “What!!!”

 “When did it happen? I was just kidding”

He replied “A year ago!”

I exclaimed “What!!!”

“You didn’t tell me for whole one year. I never saw you unhappy either. One year is long time and even if it would have happened, you must have got over it by now! What happened today?” I fired several volleys on him.

His succinct reply was “I tried to keep it dormant since past 12 months but she keeps up popping every time I try to forget her. Now today the threshold has crossed, you are the first one whom I am sharing, please help me get out from this miserable condition. Please make me forget her”

I became perturbed seeing the terrible condition of my friend. He seemed inconsolable.

I thought for a moment and replied “Well, you have all my sympathies. I can do whatever is possible for me to do for you. But since I have never experienced such situation, I think I am not the right person to make you forget her”

He quipped “All the time you talked about yoga, spirituality and so many things…Was all of them fake? Doesn’t all this have a solution for my problem?”

I became silent.  I have helped quite a few times to some people. Sometime I helped them is passing semester exams, sometime some financial help etc. But this was unique help asked from me. I offered him to go for a dinner and assured him that we will discuss tomorrow about this topic and probably will reach to a solution.

We had dinner. He told me the whole happenings. I paid proper attention to him to each and every story that he was narrating.

 I realized, sometime attachments can be very excruciating.  In this world everything is nonpermanent, comes with an expiry date but when we recognize the other thing as our eternal belonging, then problems creep in.

We returned home. I drove him to his home.  I returned to my bed. Lying on bed,  my eyes were wide open. I thought, I have told him that I will talk tomorrow about how to be normal and forget her, but in reality I simply don’t know what to tell him, how to make him feel normal.

“Should I ask this from my spiritual mentor? No..No..what will he think about me!!! ” a thought reverberated in my mind.

Seeing no other alternative, I thought of turning to a universal Guru “Google Guru” and I am not joking and my intention of mentioning it is not to dilute the gravity of the situation, but my helpless condition where I was put in by my friend, seeing no alternative and the ubiquitous nature of the problem I thought “Google” might come handy. Actually, it was not Google, but one of its subsidiaries “YouTube”.

I switched on my Lap Top and typed the URL “www.youtube.com”.

A lot of suggestive videos came just after typing the URL. It was mainly those videos which I watched frequently. It was of cricket, politics, some funny videos etc etc.

A lightening has struck my mind. “YouTube has also memory” I murmured. Well, this was not unusual to have in YouTube or any other shopping sites. They use the technology called “BigData” to see our browsing pattern and then they floods with similar content, but since my friend was grappling with one memory issue (of course not of memory loss) this usual pattern seemed unique to me.

Machines are made to behave as humans. That is why artificial intelligence is a buzz word now. Isn’t it? If you are not convinced search two words “Sophia” and “Qiu Hao”

on Guru. You will get to know the extent where we are heading.

Anyway, coming to the point, I thought YouTube has a unique feature called “Delete History” and you can also customize it by deleting  memory of past hour, week, month etc. . If we delete history, problem is solved. No Suggestive Videos of your previously watched content. All new, Fresh and Pristine.

Alas! My friend doesn’t have that setting called “Selective Deleting of History”.

Memory can be a reason of serious pangs in life.

Disclaimer : I know, you all will treat it as an act of fiction, but from my end its my duty to convey the same that it’s fiction only 🙂 Happy wala Sunday Guys 🙂

Being Lakshman

So, when demon Marich came in a disguise of a magnificent golden deer and roamed around the hermit, where Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshmana were staying, Sita immediately became magnetized by seeing her beauty. She made a request to Lord Ram that she is so moved by the exquisiteness of that deer that she wants it immediately. Lord Ram, knowing that it may be an illusion, tried to convince Her about its futility and possible consequences but Devi Sita’s was unappeasable. She argued, “I have spent nearly thirteen years of my youthful life in the forest, caves, mountains and away from any form of luxuries without any regret, I never requested anything except your company, this is my only desire that I am extending to You, please accept it.” Lord Ram was touched by Her plea and agreed to chase down and bring that golden deer. He cautioned Lakshman to guard Devi Sita and not to leave the place until He returns.

Credit: Internet

The chase began. The deer was fast and frantic, but it was chased by none other than the Supreme Being. After going deeper in to the forest, by taking appropriate position, Ram shot an arrow and it pierced the heart of the deer. But to the amusement of Lord Ram, the deer suddenly turned in to a Demon and started wailing and calling “Oh! Lakshman Oh! Site!!! Oh Site!!! Oh Lakshman!!!”

Sita and Lakshman who were still in the hermit, heard the excruciating voice in which their name were being called. Sita immediately became anxious, perturbed and thought that Lord must have been fallen in a great danger and hence He is calling for help. She was in tears and asked Lakshman to leave immediately and go for help to his elder brother.

Lakshman was unusually very calm 🙂 and told her to not worry as no one in this three worlds can inflict any pain and danger to Sri Ram. In front of His strength even the demigods would not withstand, what to speak of the species of this planet. But Sita was unmoved by the argument and was constantly thinking that Her husband must be in great danger. She was constantly making request to Lakshman to go for the search of Ram. Lakshman was constantly reminding Her that Lord has told him to not to leave Sita alone, as this can be a trap.

At last Sita became furious and enraged on the arguments of  Lakshman and chastised and labeled atrocious allegations. She rebuked Lakshman “Even after my constant request to go for the help of your elder Brother, who seems to be severe in danger, you are in constant mode of denial. Now I got to know the real purpose why you came with us all along the forest leaving a Royal life. You had an attachment towards me and you must have thought that in forest when Lord Ram will not be there with me, you could enjoy me. Now that time has come. Even you are listening the desperate call of your brother for help, but you are so fallen that you are not willing to leave me!!!You are attracted by my beauty and have lost all your morality ”

I will stop the narration here. Everybody knows the story (at least Indians) what happened after that.

I was just thinking how it would be like “Being Lakshman” in that situation? A devoted brother, who left a royal and luxurious life a prince of a Chakravarti Kingdom, was faced an allegation of moral misconduct and lose character from none other than the lady whom he consider as mother throughout his life. How much pain he would have gone through, when these charges were labeled against him.

I was just thinking that even when we commit mistakes or any offence against other of any kind, and when someone admonishes us we feel so much burdened disheartened. And there in Lakshman, innocent of any crime and an epitome of sacrifice, how he could have tolerated those harsh words.

Ram is real. Ramayan is not out dated. It has several stories and characters which is even more relevant these days, when society is grappling with so many gruesome, atrocious, despicable, heinous, monstrous and abhorrent events. You know what I mean, Don’t you?

If time permits read Ramayan. Listen the Stories of Ramanyan from bonafide source. Discuss it. Deliberate on it.  Things will happen, either good or bad. It’s up to us to be a participant, in either good or bad.

Thank You!

On the floor..

Ananda was the dear most and very prominent disciple of Gautam Buddha. Many scriptures are filled with their conversations. Through their conversations, we got to know some of the basic teachings and doctrines of Buddhism.

The relationship between Guru and his disciples has always been a revered one in India. The place of Guru has always regarded as on top in Indian society. Even Ram and Krishna who is God himself has to go to their respective Gurus, who imparted in them the real Knowledge.

Recently I came across, one such instance where this tradition was on full display and it was awe striking to me.

One Guru (in His late 60s) was traveling in First Class AC compartment along with one of his dearest disciple (in his 40s). Both got their seats in the same compartment. The seat was allocated in such a manner that the upper berth was for the Guru and the Lower Berth was for the disciple.

As the night arrived, Guru told his disciple that even though the berth allocated to him was Upper One, yet since he was feeling body pain hence he wanted to sleep in lower berth and asked His disciple to take the upper seat. The Disciple, who has relinquished all his material possession and a lucrative career of a Doctor only to serve his Spiritual Master, would have hardly disagreed to this insignificant proposal. He massaged the feet of his Spiritual Master till he felt asleep.

Night was passing as if it is in competition with the speed of the train. Sometime in mid night eyes of the Guru opened and he saw his disciple was lying on the floor of the train and was in deep sleep. The upper berth was empty. Since he saw his disciple  in deep sleep ,the Guru didn’t disturbed him but he himself, was unable to sleep whole night.

At 3:30 AM, as usual, the disciple woke up to engage himself in the service of the Supreme and His Spiritual Master.

But as soon he turned towards his master, he saw him already woken up. He felt ashamed. He asked to his master, was he facing any problem in sleeping? Did he needed something? Why didn’t He woke him up?

His master asked to him “why you slept on the floor and not on the reserved upper berth as I told you?”

Disciple initially remained silent but the Guru again asked the same question. The the disciple replied, “how could I take or sleep on a position which is in elevated position than you, I found the floor of the train much comfortable than the upper berth of the First Class of the train. I had a very sound and blissful sleep, which probably couldn’t have on the upper berth”.

Seeing the dedication and surrenderness of his disciple, the Guru became ecstatic and embraced his disciple and told “please forgive me, because of me you have to sleep on the floor.” Disciple also became delighted.

Sleeping on the floor may not be as bad as it seems. It depends on the purpose.

What is Life..

Representative image

Hello Friends,

After reading the topic/heading of my today’s post you might have an inkling that I may discuss some philosophical aspect of life in this write up. But, to tell you the truth, it’s not a philosophical article, rather a narration based on some events.

Old age is a truth of Life. But when we remain young, we hardly grant our thought towards this immutable reality. Especially the influence of western culture, prominence of nuclear family, new modes of entertainments, introduction of Old Age Homes etc keeps the old away from the youth and children, in turn, keeps away one aspect of life that most of us has to go through.

I am blessed to have my grandfather with me. But the sad part is that he is now ailing from past few months and his condition is deteriorating as the time progresses. “Old age in itself is a disease” once I have heard this term, now experiencing through him. He is unable to perform his regular activity not even to take his meal by himself. Though, he is in sound mind with full consciousness and memory, yet physically challenged due to perils of old age.

Yesterday night when I was lifting him from the bed and supporting in a way that he can take his dinner and medicine, he narrated a story that compelled my eyes to go wet. He told me to keep his head in my lap, I obliged. He started.

My Grandpa to me….

“You know, when you were around 4-5 years old, you had a habit of harassing someone who was going outside the home. You just started crying, shouting to carry you wherever any one goes out, so that you can accompany him and enjoy the outing.

One evening, I was the victim. I was going towards the market to purchase some groceries, and you, as usual, started crying to come with me. Your mom persuaded, papa coerced, but in front of your determination every one gave up, including me. But I made a commitment out of you, that in the course of journey you will walk yourself and never ask me to carry you in my lap or on my shoulder. You readily agreed on these terms and conditions, which I knew, you din’t have any intention to obey it.

We started walking towards market place. Barely 50 steps we have taken, you said, with utter innocence, “Baba Godi” (Grandpa please carry me in your lap while walking). I smiled, but shouted “don’t you remember your promise and if you will not walk then we will return home.Then you reverberated, “Yes, I do remember that but……” and started walking with heavy feat.

Just after nearly 30 steps we have marched forward, you again came back to the same agenda..”Baba Godi!! now I am extremely tired”.

But I was testing your patience and enjoying the expression you were giving, which was just like as a true artist. Then suddenly you spoke something which touched my core of the heart. You said, “baba, don’t you know how little I am, my legs becomes tired after a long walk, so please carry me in your arms/lap. I promise you when I will become young I will also carry you in my lap”.

His narration was over. His head was still in my lap. His eyes were wet. He pronounced. I am looking now “You are fulfilling your promise”.

I was speechless. Pretended to be tough. Gave him the medicine, which was prescribed for him for the night. Requested him to chant and remember the name of the Lord and said good night.

I was in quagmire about to share the event, but thought that many of the readers, once they will read, can relish and find their sweet memory associated with their grandfather/mother.

Life is just emotions. How you perceive emotions. How you respond to the emotions. A special trait, which differentiates the Livings with the Dead.

Isn’t it?

गांव का एक और दिन

एक और यात्रा एक और कहानी. जीवन भी तो ऐसी ही है न? हर एक की अलग अलग कहानी। कुछ भविष्य तक टिक पाती है, कुछ इतिहास में समा जाती है. पर होती सबकी है. चलिए तर्क में न जाकर, यात्रा वृतांत सुनाता हूँ. तर्क नीरस होती है, घटनाएं रोचक.

वर्षों बाद अपने पैतृक गांव जाने का प्रयोजन बना. कुछ काम से ही, वहां से निकलने के बाद वर्ना गांव लौटता कौन है?
खैर मैं बहुत उत्साहित था. घर पहुंचा, तो हैरान हुआ. वातावरण पूरी तरह बदला हुआ सा था. सड़क पक्की, बिजली 20 घंटे, घरों के छत पर कभी खप्पड़  राज किया करती थी, अब अल्पसंख्यक हो गई है, सड़कों से बैलगाड़ी तो डायनासोर की तरह   विलुप्त हो गई है, साप्ताहिक हाट की जगह घर के पास ही सभी आवश्यक चीजों की दुकान जम गई थी. मोटर साइकिल जो इक्के दुक्के दिखते थे, अब बहुतायत उपलब्ध है.

सोचा गांव के आसपास का एक चक्कर लगा लूं. एक पड़ोसी  से मोटरसाइकिल का अनुरोध किया तो वे  सहज ही तैयार हो गए और चाभी बढ़ा दी। निकलने वाला ही था कि परिवार के एक सदस्य ने कान में फुसफुसा के गाड़ी में पेट्रोल डलवा देने का इशारा किया। मैंने भी झट से कहा “हाँ-हाँ  ये भी कोई कहने की बात है”.
पड़ोस के एक बच्चे को पकड़ा, उससे नाम पूछा, उसने बोला “सिपाही”. मैंने कहा “तुम क्या बना चाहते हो यह नहीं पूछ रहा, बस नाम पूछ रहा हूँ “. उसने कहा “गांव में सब सिपहिया ही कहते हैं, वैसे स्कूल में मास्टर जी हाजिरी के समय राहुल कहते हैं”. मैं मुस्कुराया और बोला चलो गांव घुमा के लाता हूँ, वो बोला कि “आप घुमायेगें या मैं”? मैंने कहा “ठीक है तुम ही घूम लेना “और हम निकल पड़े .

गाड़ी में किक लगाया, थोड़ी ही दूर जाने पर अनायास ही निगाहें पेट्रोल के कांटे पर गयी। पाया कि, बाढ़ की कोसी नदी के समान यह भी उफान पर थी. उसका  कांटा खत्म होने के निसान के विपरीत दिशा को छू रहा था. मन में मंद मंद मुस्कुराया। नोटबंदी के दौर में 100 रूपये कीमत आप लोगों से भी छुपी नहीं होगी.

5-10 गांव छान मारा। सड़क बहुत ही अच्छी थी. ठंडी हवा शरीर को छू रही थी। चलाने का मजा ही कुछ और था। कुछ तस्वीरें भी ली।

तभी अचानक मोटर साइकिल ने जर्क लिया और बंद हो गई. 5-10 किक के बाद भी स्टार्ट नहीं हुई तो निगाहें फिर से पेट्रोल के कांटे की तरफ गई। अरे ये क्या 20-25 किलोमीटर चलने के बाद भी इसके स्तर में कोई गिरावट नहीं हुई थी।  उसकी विश्वसनीयता पर संदेह हुआ और गाड़ी को  हिला डुला के देखा. और संदेह विश्वास में बदल गया.

पेट्रोल खत्म!!!!!

पीछे बैठे राहुल (सिपाही कहना अजीब लग रहा था ) से पूछा पेट्रोल पंप कितनी दूर है। उसने जवाब दिया ” 7 किलोमीटर और मरे हाथ में दर्द भी है “.मैंने बोला “हाँ-हाँ समझ गया। तुम धक्का नहीं देना चाहते”. पर 7 किलोमीटर……

तभी वह  उछला और बोला पीछे देखिये, और मैं मुड़ा और ख़ुशी का ठिकाना नहीं रहा जब मैंने देखा कि एक दुकान पे खुले में ही पेट्रोल बिक रही है


पेट्रोल की दुकान, जो मेरी रक्षा को आयी

भगवन का वरदान ही तो था, नहीं तो 7 किलोमीटर तक धक्का लगाना पड़ता.
दुकान पे पहुंचा तो देखा कि एक महिला बैठी हुई थी, मैंने बोला एक बोतल मुझे दे दीजिये. उसने मुझे ऊपर से नीचे तक देखा और भड़क कर थोड़ी मैथिलि थोड़ी हिंदी में बोली, “ये बोतल वोतल यहाँ नहीं चलता है हाँ, ये सब बाहरी आके ही बिहार को बदनाम करते हैं, हमारी सरकार ने बंद करके रखा है यहाँ पे. चाहिए तो जहाँ से आये हो वहीँ जाओ.

मैंने तुरत हिंदी से मैथिलि में स्विच किया और बताया कि मैं ये जो बाहर में रखी बोतल है उसकी बात कर रहा हूँ. वो मुस्कुराई और बोली “अरे! ऐसा बोलो न कि पेट्रोल चाहिए और बोल रहे थे बोतल चाहिए”. मैंने सोचा गलती स्वीकारने में ही भलाई है. और पूछा कि हाफ लीटर का कितना हुआ, वो बोली 40 रुपैया में आधा लीटर और 80 में एक लीटर. मैंने सोचा कि थोड़ा हास्यबोध (sense of humor) का उपयोग किया जाये, और बोला कि आपका तो नुकसान हो गया. वो बोली “वो कैसे”? मैंने बताया कि मेरे गाड़ी का  पेट्रोल खत्म हो गया था और आपका दुकान नहीं रहता तो 7 किलोमीटर धक्के देकर जाना पड़ता, सो आप 200 भी मांगती तो मज़बूरी में देना ही पड़ता.

वो लपक कर बोली ऐसे थोड़ी न होगा, पेट्रोल का दाम 100 रुपये में आधा लीटर ही है, मैं थोड़ा हंसने लगा और सोचा कि वो मजाक कर रही है . वो बोली हिहिया क्या रहे हैं, सच कह रहे हैं हम, आधा लीटर का 100 ही लगेगा, लेना है तो लीजिये वरना जाइये. मैंने कहा पर आपने कहा था कि 80 रुपये लीटर है. वो बोली तब कहा था सो कहा था अब 100 ही लगेंगे. मैंने 100 का नोट बढ़ाया और बोला आधे लीटर दे ही दीजिये, उसने माज़ा (Mazza) के हाफ लीटर बोतल में भरा पेट्रोल और एक कीप मेरी तरफ बढ़ाया. इससे पहले कि पेट्रोल का दाम और बढे, मैंने झट से पेट्रोल को टंकी में डाला. सेंस ऑफ़ ह्यूमर भरी पड़ गया था और सिपाही हंस रहा था.

 पेट्रोल डालते समय कुछ अंश हाथ में लग गया था,  अनायाश ही उसका सुगंध नाक में आयी, पर मैं हैरान हो गया कि उसमें से पेट्रोल की खुशबु कम और केरोसिन या मिट्टी तेल की खुशबु ज़्यादा आ रही थी. भारी मात्रा में मिलावट कि गयी होगी, ऐसा प्रतीत हुआ. अब मुझे संदेह हुआ कि मिट्टी तेल से गाड़ी चलेगी भी कि नहीं. किक मारने वाला ही था कि वो महिला आयी और 60 रुपये  वापस किया और मुस्कुराके बोली हम लोग भी मजाक कर सकते हैं और चली गयी. मुझे ये तरीका अच्छा लगा और हंसी भी आयी.

तभी दुकान के पास एक 20-22 साल का लड़का जो ये सब देख रहा था, मेरे पास आया और बोला इसका पति पियक्कड़ है, दिन भर दारू पी के  धुत्त रहता है, घर भी यही चलाती है.

किक मारा. गाड़ी एक किक में शुरू हो गयी, अब समझ कि वो बोतल सुनके इतना चिल्लाने क्यों लगी थी. गाडी चली  भी और पेट्रोल पंप तक पहुँच भी गया. हवा ठंडी ठंडी ही चल रही थी.किसान खेत में धान काट रहे थे, पूरी धरती सोने सी लग रही थी. सिपाही से पूछा “मेरे देश कि धरती सोना उगले…. ये गाना सुना है?” उसने कहा “हम पुराना गाना नहीं सुनते हैं”. मैंने पूछा कि “कौन सा गाना सुनते हो”? उसने कहा “कमरिया करे लपालप…..”. और वह जोर जोर से गाने लगा. मैंने भी गाड़ी के एक्सीलरेटर पे जोर लगाया. मोटर साइकिल पेट्रोल से चल रही थी कि केरोसिन से पता नहीं….