Which Freedom?

The sky was deep blue that day. A kite was flying swiftly as the wind was just sufficient to give it a good flight. It reached to a great height and was cynosure for the other kite runners.

Credit: Google Image

Suddenly a thought struck to the kite that she could reach to even greater heights and could touch the zenith. But the string to which she was attached was just hindering its progress and limiting her aspiration. She wanted freedom from it, she wanted liberation.

A gust of wind helped her cause. She got liberated from the string, she was put under no restriction. A free flow movement across the landscapes and beyond the river made her feel euphoric.

But soon she fell on ground, became dirty and got defaced under the boots of by passers in the alley of a suburb.

Just think which freedom you desire? Not all limitations are limiting you, some helps you to stay at top.


सपने, अपने जो ध्वस्त हुए
उन मलबों को मैं उठाता हूँ
खंडहरों में अंधियारा है फैला
मैं उसमें दीप जलाता हूँ
विध्वंस हुआ, बस नींव बची है
मैं फिर से श्रृजन कर जाता हूँ


फर्क किसी को पड़ता है

नयनों पर कोई बाँध नहीं
जलमग्न सदा ही रहता है
सुबह शाम में,शाम रात में
चुपके से जा मिलता हैं
सभी व्यस्त हैं,
जीवन में मस्त हैं
गैरों की उलझनों से
कहाँ कोई फर्क किसी को पड़ता है!


Force of Love ..

Not the gravitational pull nor even the strong nuclear force, but for human, having deep emotions, LOVE is the strongest force in the Universe, yet if it is misdirected, it can make them feel one of the feeblest and most miserable creature of the creation.


P.S. The ardent follower of fundamental science, please forgive me for my dare that I challenged all established scientific evidences and came up with new set of theory 😀