When Your Post Is Not Delivered

Hello Friends,
I came across an amazing piece of story narration , Which contains tragedy, hope, pain, agony etc. It is written by Amit Mishra Sir!
Do read and let me know that how did you feel post reading.


11357671284_3c225b66a3_nI am writing to you after a long gap. A sudden unanticipated inflow of work kept me occupied for the last two weeks. Such unexpected change in work schedule is part of scientific research. The work is not yet finished, but now I am getting used to the extra work. It also means that a lot of routine work has piled up — cleaning, organizing, refreshing social contacts, and yes, getting updated with what is going on in the world. So I sat down and browsed through the large pile of newspapers looking for anything interesting that I might have missed.

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4 thoughts on “When Your Post Is Not Delivered”

  1. A beautiful story!! And somewhere true those letters are missed!! Going to post office for stamps and than dropping of letters in mail box !! Eagerly waiting for early afternoon of they were any letters!! Now all that enthusiasm is lost in the world of high tech world !! Thank you for sharing such wonderful post.

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