Busting Myth..

Election time is going on and so are the battery of false claim and propaganda. Though it is in no one’s capacity to eradicate all the false stories or fake news from the social media, but it is important for the common people that if they find something fake, they should not circulate further, or if they can, even they should expose it as well

So, I was surfing Twitter and came across a bizarre Tweet from a very prominent leader from Indian National Congress. Generally I don’t care much about the claims of politicians especially during election time, but since it was associated with Bhagvada Gita, I found it as my duty to bust his false claim and propagation of myth.

So first kindly read his tweet, which was originally in Hindi, then followed by its translation.

In one of my previous post, I have requested you all to not only revere Gita for just being a Holy Book, but also read it. But I think the gentleman, of whose tweet I have embedded hasn’t also read it at ones. If he would have read Gita, he would not have misattributed it. He says that Gita appeals everyone to be Hindu!!!

I would love to ask him, that which Gita has he read, and even if he had read then certainly it was not spoken by Krishna.

The word “Hindu” has nowhere been mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. Gita is a book for whole humanity and its content is completely secular. But those who are of parochial mindset and try to make things equal even when it is not only to settle his political interest. They are doing a great damage to humanity. This misattribution could demarcate a line that only Hindus should read Gita as it is their book. Gita is a great service to humanity, those whoever has approached it with right intention, it never has disappointed them.

In fact if you will read all the Vedic Scripture, no where you will find mention of the word “Hindu” and hence no where it appeals people from other religion to become Hindu. Rather in one of the oldest book of the World, Rigveda, following verse can be found

“manur bhava janaya daivyam janam

Rigveda 10.53.6

Which means be the human and create divine beings (Not Hindu but Human)


37 thoughts on “Busting Myth..”

  1. मम वर्तमानो वर्तन्ते मनुष्यः पार्थ सर्वशः । I think this shlok of Geeta explains what She wants us to become… The who walks on my path and perform action as I do, is the Human, o Parth!…

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  2. जिसने कभी कुरान नहीं पढ़ा, बाइबल नहीं पढ़ा, श्रीमद् भगवद् गीता नहीं पढ़ा वहीं एैसी बकवास करता है। 1950 में हमारा संविधान लागू हुआ है पर श्रीमद् भगवद् गीता 5000+ साल पुराना है।
    संविधान के किस पन्नें में यह महान बातें लिखी हुई है यह इस व्यक्ति से पूछने कि जरूरत है। मैं दावे के साथ कह सकता हूं यह व्यक्ति ना तो कोई धर्म ग्रंथ पढ़ा है ना हि संविधान का एक भी पन्ना।
    अभय जी आपने अपने पोस्ट में ऋग्वेद कि पंक्तियाँ लिख कर सब कुछ स्पष्ट कर दिया🙏

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    1. धर्मग्रन्थों का तो पता नहीं, पर इसने संविधान पढ़ा होगा क्योंकि देश के अच्छे वकिलों में इनकी पहचान होती है।
      बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया की अपने ये लेख पढ़ा और अपनी बहुमूल्य प्रतिक्रिया दी।

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      1. अभी हमने इस बुद्धु कि ट्विटर प्रोफाइल देखी। दो-चार ट्विट देख कर हि समझ गया इसने व्हाट्सएप पर कुछ फौरवड मेसेज पढ़कर उसे संविधान समझ लिया होगा। और देश में एैसे अच्छे वकिलों के वजह से हि न्यायालय में हजारों केस लंबित रह जाते है। यह वाकई में बहुत हि दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है😳

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          1. अच्छा तो ये भी कांग्रेसी है……ईश्वर इन्हें सद् बुद्धि दे🙏
            वैसे बात कांग्रेस कि हुईं है तो एक महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी साझा करते है हम आपके साथ……..पप्पू का असली नाम Rahul Vinci है महोदय ने Mphil in Development Studies at University of Cambridge से 2004-2005 में कि थी। और तो और एक रोचक बात यह कि Rahul Vinci ने National Economic planning & policy में 58%अंक लाए है और कुल 5विषय का औसत अंके 62.8% लाए है जबकि पासिंग मार्क्स 60% है।

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  3. I haven’t seen the tweet. But I agree no where does Gita talks about narrow concept of religion. It talks about spirituality. Hinduism is not a religion. Under broad umbrella of Hinduism, any and every idea of religion falls. Because over and above the religion is spirituality.

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  4. I agree with you Abhay! Neither Geeta nor any other religious books appeal anyone to leave their faith and accept other religion, in fact all religion teaches only one thing that is humanity!!

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    1. I haven’t read the religious book of other religion that is why I did not comment on them but as far as Gita is concerned nowhere it mentions its idea as religious or sectarian!
      Thank you for stopping by and reading my post!😊

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  5. That interpretation of Bhagvat Gita is totally wrong and not acceptable. This is evil, and you have rightly and forcefully nipped it. My understanding is that no holy book of any faith directly, may be indirect, says like this.

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    1. Thank you Pramod sir for appreciating me. The problem with these sorts of tweets is that it reaches to a large number of people and they often gets bewildered and Confused by vague ideas!
      Which is not there in scripture that becomes the norms and common notion. So I felt it necessary to spread the awareness as far as my reach.

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  6. Well written!

    Thanks for a visit to my post…at least once in a while 🙂

    BTW, anthurium and peace lily are from my garden; wild taro from my native place in Kerala and calla lily from California .

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    1. 🤐🤐
      I was a sarcastically scathing taunt. Ary Ma’am. I always admire your work. But some time misses them. Please forgive me🙏
      Western Ghat of Kerala is very rich in fauna and flora. Of course termed as a God’s Own Country with a reason!


  7. जिसने कृष्ण और राम को जाना नहीं समझा नही वो कुछ भी लिख सकता है। आजादी जो है यहाँ।हमारे समझ से

    गीता को समझने के लिए हिन्दू,मुस्लिम सिक्ख या ईसाई नही बल्कि इंसान बनना होगा। जिसके खून में नफरत हो उसको किसी भी धर्म या मानव हितों के ग्रन्थ को पढ़ कुछ भी लिखने का अधिकार नहीं।

    प्रेम प्रेम बांटते हैं और नफरत नफरत ही बाटेंगे।

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    1. बहुत ही करारा प्रहार मधुसूदन जी और ये लोग उसी के लायक भी हैं. सब में धर्म ढूंढ लेते है. आपके प्रतिक्रिया के लये शुक्रिया.
      अपने अगले पोस्ट में मैं एक तस्वीर और कुछ पंक्तियाँ साझा कर रहा हूँ, आपकी प्रतिक्रिया का अभिलाषी रहूँगा


  8. It feels really nice to know that we thrive on a society whose pillars are people like you who not only have a liberal approach but a balanced mindset too. The politicians are the worst kind of cancer which can happen to any society.

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    1. OneLife!
      To remind you the fact that we Indians have always been liberal and tolerant. We have been the refuge of millions of migrants, persecuted and refugee since generation.
      Yeah politicians are same everywhere.
      BTW what’s your name?

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      1. Geeta is above all this religions. Look at Krishna’s mercy, whoever take shelter of him, will definitely be favorite devotee of krishna. My only intention is never discuss religions. We all are one and HUMANITY is above all relation. Beware of social media content, read and anlyse then take action!


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