Felt Humbled..

I started posting on the blog nearly 4 years back. Since last two years or so I was very sporadic and felt disconnected from this platform due to paucity of time. Yet whenever I turned here, you people always encouraged and motivated me.

Toady I got one notification that made me feel happy and humbled. Thank you for supporting and connecting with me. I truly appreciate this gesture. Stay connected, stay home, stay safe! Love❤️


25 thoughts on “Felt Humbled..”

  1. Congratulations.. sometimes you are disconnected because of the personal constrains and it’s natural but definitely no one wants to miss and forget a wonderful blogger and person who shares wonderful posts and also discuss thoughts with others.

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    1. Yeah…but actually your 1501th as it says Deepak Nait and 1500 others 😀 😀
      Still thank you so much for reading and commenting, will look forward to your posts! 🙂


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