When GOD came under the shadow of THE WALL

I have watched both Sachin and Dravid playing together.

I remember when people used to vacate stadiums and switch off their television sets, as soon as Little Master used to get out. Sometime, I believe, he was greater than the game and no surprise, he was termed as “God” by his fans and frenzy media.

Then there was Dravid, a different set of player a different character, mostly silent, calm and composed, not that much in limelight or in controversies, having orthodox classical batting style and techniques with less flamboyance.

In terms of popularity and fan following, I don’t have a tinge of doubt, that Sachin surpassed Dravid with huge margin.

Credit: Wisden India

Few days back the result of a poll conducted by Wisden India caught my imagination, and I think it will catch yours as well. The Poll was to know who is/was the greatest Test Player of India in last 50 years. When the result finally came out, it was Mr. Dependable who saw off Little Master by fair margin!

Both of the players were my favourites and I am not going to draw any conclusion out of this poll, however it certainly helped me to understand that perseverance, hard-work, patience, discipline and working in background doesn’t always get unnoticed.


17 thoughts on “When GOD came under the shadow of THE WALL”

  1. I can well imagine and am so glad. Had seen them playing together in Wankhade stadium in 2001. Loved them both. Applause whenever Sachin came to bat and The deafening silence when Sachin got out has to be seen to be believed.

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