And here in village..2

Nature is full of amazement. More you explore it, more it will astonish you. So when I noticed some beautiful structure made up of blades grass hanging from a tree, it caught my attention.

With little assistance from a countryman and more from Google, I got to know that these beautiful structures are nothing but the nests of Baya Weaver Bird. When you look at these tiny Baya bird and then the nests, you won’t believe that these nests are their creations. The nests are so intricately and beautifully build keeping every aspects of resident’s need that even modern day architects will admire.

I clicked some of the images, with a little difficulty as its position was strategically placed and difficult to reach!



Sharing some of the interesting facts about the Baya Birds and their nests which I came across:

  • These weaver birds found across the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.
  • Baya weavers are social and gregarious birds. They forage in flocks for seeds, both on the plants and on the ground.
  • The breeding season of the baya weavers is during the monsoons.
  • Only male Baya birds builds the nest and the reason being just to woo their female counterpart!!!
  • So when the construction of nests remain in midway, male Baya birds by flapping their wings attracts the female counterpart and if she gets attracted, then inspects the nest. If she is satisfied with it and the loving bond gets established between them, then the male counterpart goes on completing the nest.
  • Some bird watchers also claim that at some occasions when the female birds have  rejected the nests, some male weaver have been spotted tearing it up, out of frustration! How amazing isn’t it?
  • These nests are generally made up on thorny trees, lying above the water bodies. The entrances to these nests are from a tube which is hanging in bottom of the nests. The reason being very simple that these mechanisms prevent can prevent the possible attack from any predator.
  • These nests works as heat shield and waterproof too.





Did you notice Baya bird in the image? They are in camouflage! Or even you can blame my Phone camera! 😛 






23 thoughts on “And here in village..2”

  1. Beautiful nests these birds build. They build one in our balcony. Not as big as in the wild, but it reflected the intricate work. God knows when they do it? Most of the time these birds are jumping around.

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    1. Wow! It’s wonderful to know that they have made it in your balcony. If you observe them carefully then you would know that they make their nests usually before the arrival of Monsoon!


      1. Yes it was done around April once. Not exactly monsoon, more spring. But other birds like magpies were also looking for a place to lay eggs.


  2. very interesting article with amazing shots. you are master photographer as well. The birds are very beautiful creation of Nature . Infact man has learnt everything from the nature. May be flying , home making . swimming etc .all from the birds. and natue.
    you are beautiful person to know the nature. Ialso like Birds an nature


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    1. Thanks so much for the accolades! I am humbled.
      Why wouldn’t be I interested…? Every time I read your article whenever you give me a not it sir?


            1. मेरे लिए भी, मैं दो तीन घंटे लगातार उन्हें निहारता रह गया था। फिर मैंने वेब सर्च करके जानकारियां बटोरी और जो बातें चौकाने वाली लगी आप सब तक पहुंचाने का प्रयास किया🙏


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