Nature as Teacher

Shubh Prabhatam!!!

I am sharing a photograph with you, that I have taken few days back, and you all have to do is to guess what exactly it is? Is it a field? Which crop is grown by the farmers in this field? If not, what is it? Take your time, don’t go bottom part, unless you have a guess.

Guess What?


Have you guessed? Yes, No.

Anyways, since I have not introduced any prize money for guessing the correct answer, so even if you didn’t guess, no reason to be saddened.  🙂

Behold the second sets of Pics, which I have taken few months ago, precisely in Spring, and you will be amazed to see the contrast between the two as both the pictures are of same location, may be I have taken it from different position.

Pristine Flow
The game, which we all loved to play near the river


These photographs are of Swarnrekha, a major River of Peninsular India, in the mineral rich state of Jharkhand.

Since past two years, I am observing a phenomenon. During summer some part of the river is completely inundated by a weed called Nasturtium/(Jalkumbhi, जलकुम्भी ). Its growth is very fast. Weeds are those undesired plants which gives competition to the intended crop by taking nutrition from the field, which were actually meant for the growth of desired crop. Due to excessive Nasturtium, rivers loses its identity and seems like a pond. Dissolved oxygen in the water gets reduced which is unhealthy for marine ecosystem.

Current status, from a different angle

Reasons for its growth: As we all know, unlike the Himalyan Rivers, Peninsular Rivers are ephemeral and mostly depends on rain. So few months after Monsoon and especially in summer the water in the river becomes low and its speed reduces drastically. A huge chunk of industrial and municipal waste is directly discharged in to the river generating an ideal condition for the growth of Nasturtium.

But, then comes the Monsoon, with all its might. Rivers banks are raised. Peninsular Rivers can be very violent and tumultuous in rainy seasons. Flow along with water level increases dramatically. Nasturtium grows only in steady water. Tremendous increase in flow results in washing out all the unintended weeds. Soon the whole river becomes pure and pristine and river gets it real identity.

Parallels in life:

It is said that nature is the greatest teacher. It teaches us the different lessons through its various acts, provided we monitor it carefully.

Some time in our life, our mind is preoccupied with many negative thoughts. They can be compared as the Nasturtium weeds in the river. They drain our energy and prevent us from displaying our real worth or character. Negative thoughts are just like weeds in the field which takes our limited energy meant for our enlightenment and progress.

But, like river receives Monsoonal water to which washes away the unintended weed, we also get many opportunities and instances in our life. River relinquishes the weeds in that force of water and attains its real nature. Are we ready to leave negativities to live in our true potential?

I think we are in better position than the river. Monsoon comes only once in a year, but if we desire, there can be many opportunities in our life to shed all the negativities and drags.



21 thoughts on “Nature as Teacher

  1. It is a lake covered with weeds is my guess Abhay!

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    1. Hi Radhika, partially you are correct. Its weeds but it has inundated parts of the river, not Lake. I have mentioned it, if you could go through the whole article.


      1. Hehe Abhay, you said take a guess and don’t go to the bottom. I just followed your orders. Immediately typed my comment. So guilty of not reading your entire post 😉☺️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. He.. He.. Yes I said that, but to know the answer you have to go to the lower section.
          And by the way, how did you resist the temptation to see the answer. If someone will say to me to not to look for the answer, first thing I will do is to check the answer 😝
          Thank you

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  2. Very nice interpretation and lovely shots.
    btw, i guessed correct…little mistake was i thought its a big tank but found it a river.

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    1. Thank you, pleased to know that you liked it ☺️

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    2. It’s the river, that is why I was able to relate it with Life,which is also ever moving. 😊

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  3. Oh my God i am totally wrong…Beautiful capture…

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  4. Your post is always encouraging and full of facts !! Thank you for adding the details to our knowledge

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    1. Oh! Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel elated to know that you find it encouraging and interesting. Thank you. 😇

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  5. Beautyfully written…..Monsoon comes only once in a year in the life of River but we have many opportunities to shed all the negativities and drags.

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    1. Thank you Madhusudan ji for your kind response.

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  6. You have written very good about nature river and trees and all pics are also very nice.

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  7. bahut badhiya abhay ji…

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  8. To me nature is the greatest teacher

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