Oh! The Education System..

In my country, those students who score well in 10th  take science as their subject. They become technician, diploma holder or engineer and work for a firm as an employee.

Those who score lesser than them, opt for commerce/accounts as their subject. They become manager of the employee.

Those who score even lesser, opts for humanity or arts subject, their cherished dream remains to become and IAS/IPS officers. They rule over the other two streams and hold high esteem in the society.

Those who are not able to even pass the 10th become Leaders (Netas) of the society and gets elected to parliament or state legislator. They become the lawmaker of the Land. All the IAS/IPS serves them in their capacity.

And the final categories of students are those, who even didn’t appear for 10th

exam, they become the saints or Babas. They are highly influential. Even the Netas prostrate in front of them.


Still I am not complaining to my parents why they gave me education in reverse order 😛




49 thoughts on “Oh! The Education System..”

          1. We are talking different things. In a democracy people chooses leaders they think represent their case. If the leader is uneducated yet articulate he can come to power. With regard to becoming head of state, if the party things the leader is good enough to be their chief minister or prime minister, he can occupy the post. If we have such attraction for education, make minimum qualification mandatory to contest election. I think one has to be 8th pass at the present time, I may be wrong. It is a matter of vision that a leader has. One can be blind after a PhD, one may be a visionary after minimum education. At the end of the day, is the leader good for the country and honest, that all counts.

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            1. I don’t think that there is any educational criteria for election. Rajasthan once tried to come up with in ULB election, but it was challenged in SC. Don’t know the fate of that petition. My only point is that in a representative democracy like us, we have a powerful bureaucracy. In framing law the details of the statute is equally important as intent. So if the leader is not educated, the bureaucracy will wield extraordinary influence even when they are not democratically elected.This, in turn, will become an autocratic rule.
              So education is must for our representative.
              All great leaders that we cherish in Modern India such as R.C. Dutt, Dada Bhai Naoroji, Gandhi, Patel, Bhagat, Tilak, Gokhle, Madan Mohan.. all were educated.


              1. On one side you are saying education criteria cannot be implemented, on the other you are demanding it is must!. Second a popular leader need not be a visionary, he is a chosen leader. Coming to the argument that bureaucracy will overwhelm a leader has nothing to do with education. It is to do with personality, intelligence and common sense. A highly educated person can also be gullible and may have personal interest to be manipulated.

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                  1. It will be challenged again. But I agree there should be a minimum education criteria for contesting elections. But that does not guarantee anything. Our educated leaders can be corrupt, communal, lack vision, you name it, they can do anything to win and stay in power.

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                    1. Yes Sir! I agree with you in this front. Education doesn’t guarantee integrity. For that strong judicial recourse is needed along with moral education.


                    2. Judges need not be paragon of virtue. Many lower level judges are not the best example of honesty. Good human being is the answer. But that is being an idealist.

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                    3. What to speak of lower judiciary. Haven’t we seen what has happened last time in the apex court when four judges called for an extraordinary press meet.
                      Moral education is the crux. But that might again be termed as moral policing 😜


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